Report on the ORLS Annual Show, 2019

Report on the ORLS Annual Show, 2019

By Declan Whelan

The show was held in the RBG Atrium, July 6 & 7.

There were 80 entries in the horticultural section, 88 stems in total considering the three stem classes. It was a cool late spring and the show was a week earlier than usual. This resulted in fewer entries than normal, mainly Asiatics, martagons, and LA’s.

Declan Whelan won the President’s award for best stem with a maroon and pink martagon seedling.

The design section was superb as always. There were five full classes. Elizabeth Matheson won Best in Show and the Judge’s Choice was awarded to Alison Osterman. Thanks again to Anne Clark-Stewart and Mary-Ann Vercammen, design co-chairs, to the class conveners, and to Elizabeth Schleicher as registrar and for filling in for Mary-Ann on the week-end. They produced a great show. Thank you to all the design exhibiters. Your contribution to the show is always greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoyed the show.

There was some rain on Saturday and the number of visitors was down. Sunday was nice and there were many visitors through. Most walked up and down the aisles to admire the stems and study the designs.

The RBG staff did a great job in setting up. Everything was in place for us Friday morning. Thanks to Terri Jenner and the RBG staff who do a wonderful job each year. We are so grateful to have had the use of this marvelous venue again this year.

The setup, judging, stem sale, and closing went very well, thanks to the usual tremendous help from the members. Thanks to all who helped; the various chairs, judges, clerks, award sponsors, the many who helped during setup and closing, those who conversed with visitors, and of course those who exhibited.

Again thanks to John Kepkiewicz who has been a great help in setting up, maintaining and dismantling these shows for many years now. He spends the three days at the show and his advice, assistance and company is very much appreciated.

Next year’s show will be a NALS show; July 10, 11, 12, and 13, 2020 in the atrium. Please drop in and say hello and hopefully bring a stem or two to show.

The RBG has given us and the other societies notice that they will charge for venues in 2021 and we need to discuss our options for the 2021 show.

Declan Whelan, Show Chair, Aug 2019

ORLS Show Awards

Horticultural Division Awards
President’s Award: for the best stem exhibited in Sections A to G. This stem must be worthy of a first.Awarded to Declan Whelan of Hamilton for a Yellow and Pink Martagon seedling

Charles Robinson Award – best stem of a named hybrid clone entered in Section A, Classes 14 to 18 (other hybrids). Awarded to Brian Bergman, Toronto for ‘Touch Stone’

North American Lily Society Award: for best three stem entry in Section B, classes 19 to 21 Awarded to Exhibitor Anthony MacFadyen, Brampton for three stems of ‘Gayle’s Favourite’

T. Ross Martin Award: for the best stem in Section C, classes 22 to 29. (Named Strains, Grexes or Hybrid Groups and unnamed hybrids not grown from seed by the exhibitor). Awarded to David Maltby of Brantford for David Maltby, Brantford for ‘A-29-11’

Isabella Preston Award: for the best stem, of an unnamed seedling lily grown from seed by the exhibitor in Section E, classes 32 to 36. Awarded to Brian Bergman of Toronto for ‘ A-104-12’

William D. Evans Award: for the best stem, of an unnamed seedling lily grown from seed by the exhibitor in Section E, class 37 intended to promote interdivisional breeding and to encourage hybridizing of American, martagon and Euro-Caucasian hybrids.
Awarded to Declan Whelan of Hamilton for a Yellow and Pink Martagon seedling.

Seedling ‘A-104-12’ winner of the Isabella Preston Award for Brian Bergman.

Royal Botanical Gardens Award:  to Anthony MacFadyen for Sunset Glow.

Touchstone, winner of the Charles Robinson Award. Photos by Elizabeth Schleicher.

Martagon seedling, winner of the President’s Award and the William D. Evans Award. Exhibited by Declan Whelan.

Seedling ‘A-29-11’, winner of the T. Ross Martin Award. Exhibited by David Maltby. Photos by Elizabeth Schleicher.

Anthony MacFadyen receiving the North American Lily Society Award from Brian Bergman.

Three stems of ‘Gayle’s Favourite, winner of the North American Lily Society Award. Photos by Elizabeth Schleicher.


Design Section Report

The design section had five full classes.  Anne Clark-Stewart and Mary-Ann Vercammen were design co-chair.

Best in Show honours went to Elizabeth Matheson (Class 5)

Judge’s Choice was awarded to Nancy Wilson (Class 2)

Heinke Thiessen won Classes 3 and 4

Nancy Wilson won Class 1




Pictures from 2018 Show