Report on the ORLS Annual Show, 2018

The show was held in the RBG Atrium, July 14 & 15, 2018.

There were 127 entries in the horticultural section, 129 stems in total considering the three stem classes. The weather was very hot and dry in the weeks before the show and so the later flowering lilies such as the OT’s were more prevalent. Yet there was a good mixture of the various types of lilies, Asiatics, Trumpets, Aurelians, LA’s, OT’s, a very nice Oriental, and five different species. Approximately one third of the entries were seedlings including Asiatics, Trumpets, and OT’s.

Declan Whelan won the President’s award for best stem with Yellow Power, an OA hybrid.

The design section was again very impressive. There were five full classes. The entries are always admired by members and visitors and add much to the show. Anne Clark-Stewart won Best in Show and the Judge’s Choice was awarded to Irina Code for the second year in a row. Thanks to Anne Clark-Stewart and Mary-Ann Vercammen, design co-chairs, and to their registrar Elizabeth Schleicher and to the class conveners. They all did a great job.

Thank you to all the design exhibiters. Your contribution to the show is greatly appreciated as always.

There was an issue with some visitors touching the designs.  This seems to becoming more of a concern each year. It was agreed to ask RBG to place stanchions in front of the three classes on pedestals upstairs for next year and to use signage.

The weather was sunny both days and there were many visitors through the Atrium. Many stop to admire the designs and stems and some ask questions or discuss lilies.

The RBG staff was very helpful in setting up the hall and looking after us. Thanks to Terri Jenner and the RBG staff who do a wonderful job each year. We are so fortunate and grateful to have the use of this marvelous venue.

The setup, judging, stem sale, and closing went very well, thanks to the usual tremendous help from the members. Thanks to all who helped; the various chairs, judges, clerks, award sponsors, the many who helped during setup and closing, those who conversed with visitors, and of course those who exhibited.

Special thanks to John Kepkiewicz this year. John has been a great help in setting up, maintaining and dismantling these shows for the past many years. He spends the three days at the show and his advice, assistance and company is very much appreciated. He has done a great job in tiding up our supplies in the RBG storage area.

The Atrium has been reserved for July 5, 6, and 7, 2019. Please do try to drop in and say hello and maybe bring a stem or two to show.

Declan Whelan, Show Chair, Aug 2018