Can I Plant my Easter Lily Outside?

I would answer No for most parts of Ontario.  They are not particularly hardy for our climate.  For Niagara, there’s a different answer – you can try. The nearby Trillium Hill Garden Centre had some bulbs in the compost pile a few years ago and they bloomed the following year.

One of the problems is that Easter Lilies do not really bloom at Easter, so they have been forced by the florist, which makes it hard for them to make the transformation into a thriving plant in your garden.

Another concern is that Easter Lilies can bring the lily beetle with them in the soil, so there’s a caution about introducing them to the garden.


1 thought on “Can I Plant my Easter Lily Outside?”

  1. I think that it’s such a shame that so many of these beautiful flowers get thrown out each year. I’ve planted a couple of leftover Easter lilies from our Church outside my home in Nipigon, Ontario (an hour northeast of Thunder Bay) and they’ve been coming back for years. Both of them were planted against the south side of the house; close up against the foundation wall (within a foot or so). That way the heat from my basement keeps the ground from freezing too much. I also pile snow up there to insulate it since we sometimes get winter temperatures down to -35° or 40°C. I also planted some out in the yard but they didn’t do so well (they sometimes come back but are pretty stunted). The ones along the house are doing very well but the flowers ARE NOT WHITE. Both are a meter tall; one has yellow flowers and the other burgundy and pale orange. I just planted three more this year further along the same wall so I’ll see how they do next year. The only problem I do have with them is that once in a while a stupid deer chews them down!

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