The 2024 Annual Lily Show was July 6th-7th in RBG’s Atrium

Declan Whelan, Show Chair


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The Design Division 2024

Duo Designs – a Step Forward

The Design segment of the ORLS Lily Show is a key component of the success of these shows in attracting visitors to the Royal Botanical Gardens.  

This year, the Design Section co-Chairs, Anne Harbord and Mary-Ann Vercammen, proposed adding a Duo Design to the schedule to attract even more interest to the Lily Show.  The Design theme was “Lilies around the World” with the following classes:

  1. Milan – a floral hat
  2. Tokyo – a design in the Asian manner
  3. Victoria Falls – a design
  4. Toronto – a parallel design
  5. London Eye – a design
  6. New Zealand – a Duo design

A) North Island

B) South Island

A Duo design can be constructed by one or two individuals.  The designs were exhibited on a pedestal in one container, or to have the appearance of one container.  There is normally a separation between each design, which may or may not form a part of each design. 

The definition of a Duo design which is in our Ontario Judges and Exhibiting Standards Book is:

A two-sided design in one container or appearing to be in one container.  Each side is different  from the other and each is exhibited in a separate class.  It is recommended that separate judges be used for each class.

The designs were exhibited on a pedestal in the centre of the Atrium with a space of four feet square for the design.  This allowed for great people flow to see the designs as well as accessibility for walkers and wheelchairs. The first prize winner in the Class was Lil Tovey with her effective use of large palms as the divider. (photo by Elizabeth Schleicher).

Many of the designers were available throughout both days to speak with the general public who came to see the Lily Show.  There were many designers on the floor who explained about the structure of the designs and the judging practices. We are looking forward to utilizing some of the more advanced designs in future shows.

Anne Harbord

Co-Chair, Design

2024 ORLS Lily Show

The Design Division Highlights